About Us

    Hangzhou charming office furniture factory is a young, new era enterprises with world synchronization road. Is a research, production and sales of professional office furniture business. Hangzhou office furniture, and Hangzhou office furniture company, and Hangzhou office furniture factory, and Hangzhou furniture factory, and Hangzhou furniture company, and Hangzhou desk, and Hangzhou Office Chair, and Hangzhou Desk screen, and Hangzhou desk partition, and Hangzhou conference table, and Hangzhou file cabinet, and Hangzhou class Taiwan, and Hangzhou glass whiteboard, company to steel business archives Cabinet, and intensive frame, and shelf, and safe, and firearms Cabinet, and bank vault door, and custody box, and utility equipment, for led products, and for the big secondary college, and organ units, and enterprise groups provides various Office furniture of custom service Such as safe, student dormitories, such as a safe deposit box at the hotel lobby.

    company is committed to the research and development of new products, with superb technology, constant design and elegant style, superior quality, to provide customers with a full range of high quality security solutions. Products are widely used in enterprises and institutions at all levels, financial, financial, family, hotel, the force firearms management and many other areas.