Furniture knowledge
&Nbsp;   recently, CCTV news programs once again reported "zero formaldehyde" wave of spending on furniture products. However, when consumers have not yet zero formaldehyde furniture home when warm, the network has discovered a large number of negative and even discredit the zero formaldehyde furniture articles, zero formaldehyde furniture as its target is "do not exist". Number of its articles, wide range of publishing, the uniformity of time, let the author doubts, these articles are true? These arise as to whether the article is a deliberate and planned it? If false, what is the purpose? These bulk network sailors behind hidden commercial interests conflict? With these questions, reporters visited the relevant industry sector, attempting to consumers the truth.
&Nbsp;   for big brand, this competition advantage is absolute of, but for part small brand, undoubtedly is "worse", cost unable to bear, products quality cannot guarantee, market competition must in disadvantage, forced Yu helpless, only take some not due of competition means to ease market by brings of pressure, is responsible for person reporter by description of network attack sex articles event is its idiomatic trick, aimed at to consumers indoctrination "0 formaldehyde" furniture not exists of concept, To make consumers hesitant to choose, causing confusion in the market order. Unscrupulous businessmen to fish in troubled waters, a profit. Major brand to just treat it as a farce, laugh it off, excellent product, after all, is the most favorable facts and evidence.
&Nbsp;   MDI adhesive sheets of formaldehyde 0 "core technology"
&Nbsp;   with the reporter's investigation, found a common, household brands listed above in the many suppliers of plate are Wanhua eco-board industry co., Ltd. Reporters specially surveyed claimed that "no formaldehyde" plate Wanhua eco board industry co., Ltd. The company production Wo Heung industrial scale are currently on the market the largest and best-selling "zero formaldehyde" plate. Said a number of major brands, which the company he boards.
&Nbsp;   asked is it true that "zero formaldehyde", how to achieve "zero formaldehyde". This company's frank description of the Wo Heung "zero formaldehyde" mechanism.
&Nbsp;   he explained that the normal Panel and persistent root causes of formaldehyde, is a wood panel manufacturing process requires the use of formaldehyde adhesive, such as urea-formaldehyde resin. This adhesive is itself directly with formaldehyde and urea compounds. Because of low prices, bond is better, so is widely used in artificial board manufacturing process. But the biggest weakness of the gel, in spontaneous decomposition under natural conditions will continue to restore and re-release of free formaldehyde. And under hot and humid environment, the decomposition, the reaction rate will double its deliquescence.
&Nbsp;   Hua Wo Heung and General Board the fundamental difference is that using MDI ecological glue instead of urea-formaldehyde resin. Due to the security and stability of the MDI, it does not contain formaldehyde or decomposition of formaldehyde. Also created a market that "zero formaldehyde" plate. In fact, Wanhua Wo Heung is not so much a "zero formaldehyde" plates, more scientific then it should be "no formaldehyde sheets."