Furniture knowledge
&Nbsp;   pine with its texture of plain, vivid texture and pure bright color, decorated the home environment elegant, pure static and into harmony with nature and tranquility, and pine wood furniture industry as environmental protection furniture.
&Nbsp;   pine furniture visually before "color" people. Indifferent to the gentle pine color "born beautiful, reassuring" for other species low eyebrow bow. Without character carved pine furniture is of natural scenery, the texture clear, delicate lines, has been the favorite, but its maintenance, purchase is about, following detailed for the reader some knowledge about pine.
&Nbsp;   characteristics of furniture pine furniture selection, design and manufacturing of pine coniferous forest species of the genus, because of the high forest cover, all trees without pruning, which after processing timber, left side part with traces of natural growth. Made furniture, you can show the real grip and natural beauty of the material. Pine growth cycle, rings with fine, pliable texture of wood, trees with low oil content, but in your own color distribution of yin and Yang.
&Nbsp;   1: natural color, keeping the natural qualities of the pine, clear appearance; 2: styling lines simple and generous, plump and smooth, add texture is good; 3: practical, durable; 4: elasticity and permeability and good thermal conductivity and the maintenance is simple.