Furniture knowledge
&Nbsp;   1, popular third-party supervision in 2011, from the thinning out of home supervision in engineering construction supervision will increasingly improve its professional services to owners will be all over. Now decorate a House will take at least three months, many owners only on weekends or after work time monitoring, and even have time to rush in the past, due to renovation professional too strong, don't understand, many owners of construction quality of decoration is not assured. In order to be assured easy, many owners began to independent supervision companies or studios specialized supervision checks and enjoy fitting managed services provided by the management company.
&Nbsp;   believe that in 2011, the third party in the course of supervision will become the home of a "good catch".
&Nbsp;   2, liquid paint wallpaper fashion 2011, liquid wallpaper will become a home wall decoration style, is affecting more and more people in the wall decoration of choice. Liquid wallpaper is a totally new concept of wallpaper, paint, through a special die, together with special raw materials, in a variety of construction techniques, can be in a boring wall to create a colorful, a wide variety of decorative patterns, liquid wallpaper style, great personality and have the realistic texture of the decorative effect. The high ratio of liquid wallpaper allows consumers to rest assured to accept, environmental health, low price is the great advantage of liquid wallpaper, believe the near future liquid wallpaper will become a mainstream decoration.
&Nbsp;   3, design advocates humanism as a new generation of high-culture consumer groups increased, with "people-oriented" concept home design is the guiding principle. Home life that people comfort, humane way of solution is designed to meet this need, extra and fancy decoration will be eliminated.
&Nbsp;   and decorations keep up with the pace of international fashion trends, many originally appeared only in clothing, accessories, car consumption trends such as the fashion elements will appear in the home decor, minimalist style as today's fashion trend-led will continue to be very popular.
&Nbsp;   in addition, smart home is the focus of future home decoration development direction.