Furniture knowledge
&Nbsp;   recently, fashion furniture fair opened in Shanghai, home fashion again in the domestic home market set off an epidemic wave. Break away from the antique wood, jumping from a dull color, fashion brought home more than just a Visual feel, is to give consumers a lifestyle change and transition level. As a leader of Chinese fashion home, neoclassicism brought China's home market, not just "should move closer to the fashion" signal, as well as new understanding of fashion home.
&Nbsp;   design of expression--voices from the market if the innovation is the power of interpretation of fashion, then the design is building a stylish frame. Any home if not designed as one of the core competitiveness of the company, the bustling markets are ultimately unable to hide behind the frivolity.
&Nbsp;   Shi Xiaoyan said that every year nearly one-third of the time devoted to product design. So far as the design itself, to keep with the pace of the market to play to the extreme design. Along with the internationalization of China's social development, people's requirements and tastes of home has been increasing. People's furniture design requirements, update level view.
&Nbsp;   people's living environment is changing, and changing people's values. As for the furniture, this constitutes an important element of life, for their exquisite degree, have an increasingly high demand, because furniture includes too many people's sentiments and the pursuit of life.
&Nbsp;   is ten years into the 21st century, era of China was transferred to the society as a whole and refined, intuitive says, Chinese families have been on all kinds of things refined requirements getting higher and higher. In recent years, most people began to prefer simplicity in the decoration beautiful d├ęcor, they asked the furniture is perfectly practical, they used the integration of international idea.
&Nbsp;   It is well known that classic is timeless fashion in the domestic industry, whenever people's pursuit of classical furniture has never ceased. In the design of modern home, always cannot be separated from the overall demand of the times. Although classical is eternal, but, if necessary, also must be overturned.
&Nbsp;  , new ideas for antique furniture gives a new life--neo-classicism. Neo-classical bold abandon complicated hand-carved, gold-plating process, excessive decorative techniques such as curves, but more the texture beauty of the wood itself. No longer clinging like a classical furniture solid wood body, but using modern materials such as metal, glass, marble, making rich expressiveness of furniture.