Furniture knowledge
&Nbsp;   a company to fight the market, without attention to the face. Enterprises face many of the elements in the Office furniture is an important factor. Customers to the enterprise, enterprises used Office furniture, the size of enterprises, financial, and management of enterprise culture and the jigsaw piece. Because of this, many Office furniture design and production enterprises attach great importance to how luxury stylish office furniture design. However, the visibility of the Aurora Group in the Office furniture industry in China, the past few years were dedicated to Office furniture "stingy" design, exploring how to make Office furniture with wood, long life, reusable and easy to transport.
&Nbsp;   Aurora launched of x Chair series, is environmental office concept of success practice: very Jane styling of chair back using "3D surface" design, x type waist by meet Asia of human workers learn size, can provides reasonable of waist support, help customer "sat have health";  x Chair of cloth used has through "EU-Flower EU ecological spent certification" of environmental dye, 100% no heavy metal pollution; with products in the also has new environmental health material " Protein in skin "to choose from, this fabric has a strong moisture absorption capability, good breathability, resistance to General residential living environments in the 77 species of bacteria. OneTool ingenuity provided covers for back of easy replacement and cleaning, to extend the life of the Chair. X Chair consists of 13 parts of approximately 9.8 kg total weight, is the product of material lightweight design concept for environmental protection and reduction, including materials that can be recycled weight total weight of 80%.
&Nbsp;   environmental protection Office have the 3R (Reduce, and Reuse, and Recycle), namely material environmental reduction, reuse and recycling. Aurora Group designers think: design is not endless requests for resources, environmental protection principles must be implanted at the design source implementation, application of environmental protection furniture is not only eco-friendly materials, derivatives should be made to production, logistics and transport until the end of the product life cycle. After long-term of practice experience accumulated, Aurora summary out has series environmental furniture design of points: reduce products weight, with more less of material to manufacturing light quantitative of products and the packaging, to reduced raw materials and the energy of consumption; using can cycle regeneration of raw materials, promote sustainable development; design easy disassembly of products can easy update parts, extended products using life; quality is sustainable development of important a ring, quality good of products using cycle more long, less replaced parts, Reduces the negative effects of waste generation and alternative; less raw material and flat-panel design can reduce polluting emissions from transport. Reducing the number of parts, as far as possible the use of fewer parts, simplifying the production process and saving and convenient packing and shipping;