Furniture knowledge
&Nbsp;   employee work hours in excess of eight hours a day, so sit comfortable, not uncomfortable so much so that years of hurt to the body, which is very important. A good office chair lets you work physically and mentally refreshed and energetic. Excellent Chair is to allow you to select one of the following key:
&Nbsp;   1 point, sit down and basically sat down the upper body and thighs should be around 100 degrees in terms of, or angle is too small the body forward, abdominal and lower back discomfort for a long time.
&Nbsp;   2, belt on the back (LUMBAR SUPPORT) chairs the waist line should be prominent, top to the waist, do not let fall at the waist, so that after sitting the waist aren't acid.
&Nbsp;   3, seat cushion front down (WATER FALL) sat a long time will not be squeezed to the thigh.
&Nbsp;   4, Chair gas spring adjustable seat height, tilting body can adjust the seat back angle adjustment armrest armrest height can be adjusted, and sitting in a Chair makes it easy to speed action on the operation.
&Nbsp;   5, sat down and smooth tilting, the chassis free from background noise, feel comfortable.
&Nbsp;   "leather furniture maintenance"
&Nbsp;   1, leather absorbs power, should pay attention to pollution prevention, best in spring and autumn with a leather softeners. Cleans sofas usually do not rub vigorously to avoid damaging the skin; 2, dipped in water once per week with a clean towel wrung out on the sofa, gently wipe. If leather Shang has stains, with clean wet sponge dipped detergent wipe, or with cloth dipped appropriate concentration of SOAP washing wipe, then let its natural dry; 3, and as found has hole hole, and rags, and burn loss phenomenon, to please professional people to cleanup; 4, and leather sofa should placed in ventilation dry at, should not be water wipe or washing, avoid wet, and health mold and insect borers.