Furniture knowledge
&Nbsp;   in the creation of modern furniture design, designers seem to be more concerned about furniture design, furniture forms are not only designers feeling the conveyed medium, but also office furniture designer screen cut off unique design style is all about. Thus the establishment of furniture design furniture design will become the primary issue, because this type of establishment, about furniture design, shape, color, texture, and style and genre. One form of furniture design: modeling from development of world furniture, modern furniture design is technologically advanced, technology is feasible and economically reasonable, style, stylish, safe direction. In China, the today screen screen work fashion furniture design, more and more recognized and accepted a new design concept: new furniture design is the design of a new way of life, work, leisure, and entertainment ... ... More and more designer furniture is not only used for substances, is also the spirit of this idea have more and deeper understanding. Modern furniture is practical, versatile, comfort, health, decoration, direction. Demand for modern furniture is not stopping at the practical level, the more furniture enrich the cultural connotation and the spiritual meet, they need to have a period and to meet the psychological demands of furniture products. As we know, furniture design is the carrier of the material and cultural, and furniture form is the carrier of the message, furniture designer creations, often form by using unique styling language design. Such as segmentation and integration of modeling, material selection and development, function and innovation of structures and uses. After all the focus on form, is the emotional awareness of the concerns of consumers. Steel Cabinet more wardrobe Tin cupboard Cabinet in must of situation Xia, many furniture design for function and the features of different, styling also the not same, styling of features sometimes can displayed out different of consumption group, and using function and the using environment, children of furniture design pursuit of is simple, and young of styling, bright, and lively of color, whole styling reflected out a playful, and cute of cartoon features. Furniture design in the shape of the elderly focus on steady, regular, plain, elegant colors, furniture as much as possible as a whole took on a calm, quiet environment. Furniture design in the shape of young people advocate is edgy, stylish, quiet, personalized color, reflecting the trend of young people awareness and emotional needs. In fact, in guiding consumers to buy products, this hint is invisible on the furniture, we can clearly recognize that determine and influence the furniture function and characteristic of language is not just furniture, more importantly consumers furniture function of psychological feelings and emotional pursuits. Furniture designers, to grasp the general psychological of furniture consumers, and apply them in furniture design, screen screen furniture has a hint of consumer characteristics of the sample, the pertinence of the furniture. This is furniture styling itself as a language feature. A good furniture design, must be able to clearly reflect its functional use, and special. The article belongs to Wang in Huizhou office furniture source text may not be reproduced without permission.