Furniture knowledge
    1. Clean cloth and leather cleaner: small stains of 3M foam cleaner spray after about 10 seconds, wipe with a soft clean cloth, do not use stain oil will cause fading and marks.
&Nbsp;   (1) fabric Office Chair    most often used in the fabric on the chairs and sofas, comfortable texture and rich color, traditional furniture look more diverse. Usual method: when stained with dust, sand or other dry dirt, just gently or vacuum clean can, a grain of sand, you can brush handy to brush, however, you cannot use a stiff brush so as not to hurt oil on canvas. If filled with soft drinks, juices and so on, can be used to clean the toilet paper towels absorb water and then wipe neutral detergent dissolved in warm water, then dry with a clean soft cloth and drying at low temperature.
&Nbsp;   (2) leather Office Chair    leather has good heat resistance, moisture resistance and ventilation characteristics, plus the leather natural fiber is omnidirectional, flat, uniform hanging can take scalability, and leather dyeing not fade, and with the elegant touch of color, perfect and beautiful appearance. But what about how to maintain the attractive appearance of leather products? General of maintenance as long as using clean soft of cloth gently wipe can, if long-term by produced of dirt, most ideal of cleanup way is using warm water diluted had of neutral clean agent (1 estimated ~3 estimated) first wipe, again to twist dry of water rag wipe to clean liquid, last to dry cloth Polish, stay full dry Hou again using amount of leather maintenance agent uniform wipe can.
    2. Tilting has a different tone: you can use the axis of WD-40 lubrication spray at joints or springs.
    3. Dumping: the tilting tension adjusting knob to adjust the tightness of fit body, not too loose, otherwise easily lead to dumping.