Analysis: Office partition

&Nbsp;   Office partition is the use of different degrees of Visual barriers can be rational, effective and full use of the limited space, science combine the unique   screen state, screen space utilization improved, but also to create a comfortable working environment. Office partition can be used with many styles, a variety of models of the Duckbill combination to spell, Office partition and works with various drawers, file cabinets, saving cost and reduce project costs. Office partition size can be customized according to customer requirements. Office partition for aluminum alloy frame, including top and side covers, skirting all aluminum alloy, surface coloring spray process, tie together colorful tops, drawers and cabinets, Office partition frame with levelling feet at the bottom and can be adjusted depending on the ground level. Screen fabric hemp cloth materials used, wear resistance strong, no combustion, no color to the naked eye, antifouling processing, easy to clean and provides a wide range of colors to choose from.
&Nbsp;   in addition, Office partition kick (or new table online slots) Cabling Channel you can row power lines, telephone lines, computer lines, and so on. And placed an additional socket on the baseboard, the line crossed the line by the plug through the Panel preset holes through to the table, easy, perfect and keeps his Office screens the overall effect.
&Nbsp;   Office screen Office partition connection connection method can be divided into a Word, l-shaped connection, y connections, t words connections, cross connections, a variety of special connections and so on. Office partition and can choose countertop accessories connection supporting frame, side supporting frames, panel screens, Vice President support, Vice-connected Tablet for Vice fixed to the screen or the main stage.
&Nbsp;   Office screen parts of the material, usually aluminum alloy, surface of ten chromatographs spray treatment, create stylish colors to match the company's unique image.
&Nbsp;   Office screens or environment and connotation of human feelings, each edge of each Panel is filled with design concepts and essence, variety of texture and color choices, make your design can take advantage fully of the imagination, multiple connection point will change with the change of different seating and space. For example, several Office partition walls:
    1. Baidu 42mm Thomas 42 screens, profiles founder blend with delicate features, have a certain alignment function, installation is simple, fast and easy.
&Nbsp;   2. Soutar is more focused on the combination of architectural design and manufacturing, drawing inspiration from architecture, modern building means to reflect the product's accuracy, more functionally adapted to human needs. SOTTA system uses a modular design, like the modules as building blocks, can be arbitrary combinations according to user demand, space using the elastic up to maximum benefit. Independent system table design and design concept of this popular European import system furniture. SOTTA system applicable to existing IT high-tech industry, finance and others through Office space planning and enhance the company's image and e-work efficiency of the related industries.