Translation: Executive Chair

&Nbsp;   leather Executive Chair fabric or mesh fabric. Executive Chair with breathable, strong, good elasticity, tension enormous and difficult to variant, not aging, depending on body posture, ergonomic advantages. Chair comfort, pleasing fashion, design and decent, is used for offices, managers, executives, supervisors and administrative staff, Office space, staff and families, and more choice to people in need.
&Nbsp;   Executive Chair is very comfortable, but in front of the computer for lumbar and neck top, is time for you to rest, and requires a separate order, in spite of this, to work for a while, rest for a while. long time this doesn't work.
&Nbsp;   class Chair is Office furniture many series in the of a, currently most common of a is leather class Chair, selection imports head layer skin, quality double function chassis, mahogany color chair feet, within lining iron frame; mahogany handrails and Red workers decorative chair back, Central pour Yang function; and selection set business high strength of within six angle screws, added coated space dedicated of points rubber, doubled seat stability, easily around pour shake, high density sponge; pressure lifting regulation, used ahead human learn principle design, Natural texture is strong, so essential to daily office chair.