Furniture brands: sword and medals, setting up an independent shop

&Nbsp;   under the environment of the store leads the enterprise expansion, we heard a lot of "overtones", part of the furniture companies are planning on their own, the strategic Center of gravity to the independent channel, the home store has become a "fortress besieged", some people want to come in and outside the city, there are a lot of people want to go out. Many furniture companies, through rapid store expansion trend will roll out their own channels to realize their own expansion. Rapid expansion of several large distribution companies, under the influence of the real estate regulatory policy is not very interested in the "market", has become the most publicized of the year market movements. Flying furniture, Deputy General Manager Zhang bin told reporters: "flying furniture in Beijing nine stores, supermarkets, many stores have no presence, mainly because there are no shops, as long as the shop, we'll point. "
&Nbsp;   brand love proprietary channels more autonomy bei rings shop, full of self-styled music, with its usual decoration characteristic of attracting capital for the consumer's attention one reporter pointed out that people in the industry, independent channels such as the development of independent stores, reflects the brand's own more rational planning. Brand awareness to a certain stage of development, naturally emerged. Black base, red IRIS, light decoration, flowers and occupy almost the entire wall, when hearing this description, you could easily associate qumei furniture, as a pioneer of independent operation, music has always been a city world of furniture "otherness". Regardless of the design is the product of a Maverick, is also the store's original decoration, the "song" the brand itself, have become an iconic symbol of this independent strategy has broad there is an understatement: for them is the best. In his view, with opened stand-alone stores, more cost-effective, more conducive to display their full range of products, more convenient set up an effective management system, "each of which has its own loyal customer base, from international development trends, real brand is the use of independent stores your customer-oriented, but China went ahead. "Zhao Ruihai explains the establishment of the independent shops in mind.
&Nbsp;   Enterprise fits many well-known brands in the development of autonomous and independent shops. Strong furniture in the capital city have eight stand-alone stores, and vibrating furniture located in bei SI Huan House opposite opened his flagship store in Beijing, according to press reports, top furniture self-employed independent shop will be opened in Beijing by the end of this year, yum has also been dedicated to independent stores in the East are under planning.