Beauty depends on the function

&Nbsp;   design is always from life, no one can of whole cloth. A concept from my mind jumps to paper, is exciting and that worries me a said, because faced with unpredictable things. Since I like, things that already exist in search of inspiration, and then find out its characteristics, models and continuous improvement, to design a distinctive personal characteristics of furniture products.
&Nbsp;   although the way I work is deliberate and controllable, but it was dominated by the subconscious mind. Time is of the essence – over time, there will be many items of image formed in my mind, change, although probably finished already completed during the design process, but until I see the final product, I don't realize what I wanted.
&Nbsp;   engaged in design work, I found that innovation, aesthetics and functionality are the three elements of. Bring new thinking to the existing design is always on. Innovation can be known as the existing material into new things. I believe "less is more"-a comfortable, practical, simple piece of furniture should be required, in line with the people's demand for furniture. "Beauty depends on the function"--I agree with that statement. I'm not in art, of course, powerful design can add luster for everyday life. Beautiful sitting on comfortable chairs is specious.
&Nbsp;   design ideas written down, is to test the completed design and improvement. Constantly making new models, in order to create the right product and, of course, manufacturers may change according to the drawing of the designer's initial idea.
&Nbsp;   "three lines will be my teacher." Sometimes I wonder will my design into production one, but after several discussions, always animosity, to clear the air. When you submit a design to the design team had to make some compromises – that is to say: as a designer, to know when to follow up, quit is very important, even if your idea will eventually disappear. Communicate with production team is also very important, because the manufacturer or the team's thinking, may be added to the designer's new way of thinking, this is a designer should not be exclusive.