Choosing the right office chair Office of health start

&Nbsp;  , ergonomic design ergonomics is the study of people and their body and the relationship between work, environment, equipment. An ergonomic office chair, will bring to users regardless of their weight or sitting comfort. And more importantly. Can be used for a long period of meditation needs to provide the ability to protect the spine. While reducing the pressure on various parts of the body, so that the blood flow smoothly, reduce fatigue and improve work efficiency.
&Nbsp;   two, solid Office Chair for a long time and frequent use of office equipment. A qualified Chair, often leads to 5-10. Not ideal Chair after a short time of use will occur after failure, screw loosening and phenomena such as sound, so that will significantly affect the morale and efficiency of use.
&Nbsp;   c, reliability, many excellent products are seemingly in new products on the market, but only after a year or so of use, there will be problems. For example disable burst, accessories and so on. In such a case, in addition to paying the replacement cost, but also affects the image and efficiency of the Office. Therefore, when you decide to purchase a product, need to fully assess the supplier's reputation and background, ensure that the selection of products with a reliability.
&Nbsp;   IV, machinery equipment chassis the chassis is the most important part of a Chair. Its functionality can be divided into: leaning back; synchronized seat back and cushion tilt move seat back angle adjustment seat forward, more regulation. Purchase must be properly assessed and taken into account in order to select a configuration features the right Chair, in line with the actual needs at work.
&Nbsp;   v, seat back height and angle adjustment function can be designed to provide the appropriate paste back supports to help maintain the correct posture to ensure users of spine damage does not work for a long time.
&Nbsp;   six, lumbar lumbar back in his chair as an integral part of a design project, its function is to help the user to maintain the correct posture, reduce spinal pressure and avoid the spine caused by poor posture distortion.