Wood plate process of accumulation

&Nbsp;   1, after coating, substrate arrange as soon as possible and then press press to prevent the glue from the open time is too long, preventing rubber membrane thickens the surface crust, resulting in adjustment of wet glue penetration torrents, rubber weak and local open relay problem.
&Nbsp;   2, opening accumulation time 25 ℃, to be within 5 minutes.
&Nbsp;   3, closed stack takes less than 6 minutes. Must be within 6 minutes of good group slab in the press, and press close, otherwise it will cause the various slab closed display varying degrees of different adhesive curing time, resulting in gum and other quality issues.
&Nbsp;   4, open time is of timber after the adhesive glue on the surface exposed to the air, full invasion and infiltration of the used plastic, easy to form a plastic nail.
&Nbsp;   5, closing time is required for the surface coating of wood combinations have not been pressuring time, used to control machine speed operation, quality problems caused by too long, too short is not conducive to manual operation.