Puzzle wood craft glue coating

&Nbsp;   second, the glue coating 1. adhesive coating: single-sided Glue: 250g/m2~320g/m2; two-sided Glue: 140g~ 160g/m2.
&Nbsp;   2. double-sided glue means when puzzle glue and glue pieces together, only for the moisture absorption of weaker wood, such as hard maple and beech. For other good adsorption of wood, or using single-sided glue job.
&Nbsp;   3. glue coating should be even, not missing coating, coating the glue part, coating with a manual brush, not missing coating, if not coating the glue part shall be brushed by hand coating in place, pay attention to the amount of glue must be, to squeeze a little glue adhesive surface overflow is enough.
&Nbsp;   4. glue before the operator has to carefully selected materials, must rot, ingenious, Dent, Peel the tails, dagger, worm holes, tears, end cracking serious and wool undersize material removed.
&Nbsp;   5. avoiding chromatic aberration on the same puzzle, especially second board need to mix colors, trained operators make it a habit, consciously matching lay-up materials of similar color choose color materials.
&Nbsp;   6. caused a large plastic waste should be avoided.
&Nbsp;   7. lay-up, care should be taken not to use the wrong material (material, size and texture to make it clear).