How to design office furniture

&Nbsp;  , opening screens and systems furniture applications 1, design a lovely office space and office environments we must start with the accurate measurement of the construction site, actual office space is plotted drawings, then designers according to the customer's corporate culture and Office functions, design cultural values and individual Office environment.
&Nbsp;   graphic design and customer structures complement rational use of space to maximize office space, space to feel comfortable, furniture size should be reasonable, to keep cut up, fully embodies the personality of the demand.
&Nbsp;   2, furniture colors match screen color choice cold colors and art space: a better sense of space, remaining space feels larger, not crowded.
&Nbsp;   warm colors: not suitable places for space is relatively small, relatively compact workspace for embellishment.
&Nbsp;   neutral: it is widely used. Suitable for any Office space but it feels monotonous. No lively feel.
&Nbsp;   different colors represent different culture and feelings, warm feel lively, passionate and progressive. Very passionate ideas. Cool tones of refreshing cool feel. Neutral tones more serious cultural lack of emotion. So we design office and office furniture to avoid these problems, make the Office reflect the company's culture.
&Nbsp;   selection of office furniture and chairs, sofa, for decoration, to achieve unity, balance, energy-saving and environmental protection.
&Nbsp;   needed to mix design, mixing is not simply stack together various elements, but by coexistence of various elements and mix and match to seek innovation and breakthrough curve, clear lines, human nature, mix and seemingly casual, but there is a pattern, a rhythm, proportion, layering is essential.